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Thank you...

Life In Texas: Thank you...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thank you...

I would just like to take today to say thank you to my
blogging mentor,
Sadie of Slap Dash Mom

     When I first met Sadie, I was very new to blogging. I could write a post and publish it. That was probably about it.

     Since then, Sadie has helped me tremendously. She has been an open book and has answered any questions I had. She is never hesitant to give advice, even if I don't always listen (pretend like you don't notice I'm still on blogger). 

     I know that I'm not the only one that Sadie has helped, and I know that sometimes, the mentor can feel like it's all give, give, give in the mentor/mentee relationship. So, I just wanted to publicly say thank you. 

Thank you, Sadie. I really appreciate you and all that you have taught me.

   Be sure to visit Sadie on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Slap Dash Mom.

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