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Pinterest Weekly - Button Letter

Life In Texas: Pinterest Weekly - Button Letter

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Weekly - Button Letter

     My friend Marisa has started trying one project from Pinterest each week. You can see her crafts at The Scholarly Homemaker. Since I spend quite a bit of time exploring Pinterest, I have decided to do the same. Thank you for your inspiration, Marisa!

     This week, I was looking for a way to get rid of a bunch of miscellaneous buttons that I had. This craft was inspired by American Crafts Studio. They have a wonderfully detailed tutorial.

     Below are 2 pictures. Because I put it in a shadowbox, it was difficult to get a picture where you could see the entire letter and the actual color of the buttons. The first picture is the letter. The second picture is a more accurate portrayal of the colors.

     Because I'm slightly OCD and I picked a letter that is 95% curves, I found it to be a little harder than the tutorial seemed. I used only green and cream colored buttons. I had several different greens, so that gave it a little variety. When I first started, I thought that my edges looked too planned because I was trying to fill in all the space. As I put more on, it started to look more random. You know the saying, "less is more"? Yeah, that doesn't apply here. Less is not more, more is more!

     I did use craft glue, (NOT suggested in the tutorial). It worked really well, however because it doesn't dry very quickly, I found that it was easiest to do it in stages. I would put on about 15 buttons and then take a 30 - 60 minute break to give those time to dry. When I wasn't taking breaks, I was accidentally knocking buttons around and getting frustrated. Due to the breaks, it took almost an entire day to finish, but I love the end result!

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