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Thing 1 Party Planning - Part 1

Life In Texas: Thing 1 Party Planning - Part 1

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thing 1 Party Planning - Part 1

In your wildest dreams you can not imagine the SURPRISES that await YOU 
~Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Golden Tickets

   My oldest is a planner. She loves to plan way ahead (which is fine with me). So when she told me several  months ago that she wanted a Willy Wonka party, I started looking for ideas. One thing that she insisted on was golden tickets. She wanted her invitations to be golden tickets. While looking, I thought that it would be cool to wrap chocolate bars in Wonka Bar wrappers and include the golden ticket. The idea was that the invitee would find the ticket just like Charlie Bucket found Wonka's ticket.

     When Thing 1 heard this idea, she was very excited. There was no going back. I started scouring the internet for Wonka Bar Wrappers. I found several places where you could purchase them. This would have been an option if we had found something we liked and they weren't $1 or more for one candy bar wrapper (that I would have had to wrap around the candy bars myself). So, I decided to make one.

     Once it was done, I was very satisfied with the results. So, I am sharing them with everyone. Here it is for you to download and/or print all you want. I hope that you enjoy them!

Wonka Bar Wrappers

     Once you print the wrappers, assembly is very easy. These are made to fit 1.55 oz candy bars. Tape the flaps of the original wrapper to the bar. Then, lay it face down on a piece of foil large enough to wrap the entire bar. If you have golden tickets, place your golden ticket face up on the candy bar. Then, wrap the bar and ticket in the foil. If you feel like your ends aren't staying down on their own, a little piece of double sided tape is an easy fix. Cut out your Wonka Bar Wrappers (I printed mine on regular printer paper but if you think that's too flimsy, you can use cardstock). Hold your candy bar so that it is behind the Wonka logo. Then, gently press the paper back at the top and bottom of the candy bar. Run your fingers the length of the candy bar. Lay the entire thing face down and use double sided tape to secure your Wonka Bar wrapper. It's that simple and they look great!

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