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Sea World San Antonio

Life In Texas: Sea World San Antonio

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sea World San Antonio

     Recently, my family and I visited Sea World San Antonio. Since my children are HUGE animal lovers, we knew that they would really enjoy it.

Thing 1 waiting to see Shamu
     When we got there, the One Ocean Shamu show was about to start. So, we headed over there and took our seats. During the video at the beginning of the show, it showed a clip of the newest baby Shamu being born. Of course, the girls loved watching the killer whales jump and flip and splash everyone.

Shamu at the end of One Ocean
     After One Ocean, we headed over to Elmo's Bay of Play to let the girls run around and ride the carousal before the next show started. My only complaint about Elmo's Bay of Play is the way the playground is built. Instead of having one entrance/exit, there are several. What makes this worse is that you can't see your child the entire time they are in the playground. So, they could run out the other side and get hurt/take off/be approached by a stranger and you may never know. Needless to say, we didn't play on the playground very long. This mama is too paranoid for all of that.

     While they had fun there, the girls wanted to see more animals. So, we consulted our map and found that the Azul show had the next start time. This show was my favorite out of any Sea World show I've ever seen. There were synchronized swimmers, divers, acrobats, birds and several other animals. There was also a lot of comedy.

     After Azul, it was time to eat. We headed back towards Elmo's Bay of Play and had pizza and pasta at Rosita's Cafe. We were even lucky enough to meet Rosita while we were there. The food wasn't bad and the kids enjoyed the atmosphere.

     Next, we headed back into Elmo's Bay of Play to ride more rides. Because Thing 1 and Thing 2 are only 42" and 37.5" respectively, there were only 4 rides that they could ride. However, they really enjoyed doing those rides and even wanted to do them over and over again.

     Lastly, we headed to see the penguins. Thing 2 LOVES penguins. She would have stayed there forever if we had let her. Even though it was already "night", some of the penguins were playing and showing off in the water. On the way out, each kid picked a stuffed animal. Thing one got Shamu and Thing Two got a penguin (big surprise, right?).

     Over all, it was a pretty awesome day. We'll definitely go back. To see more photos from our visit, check out my Sea World San Antonio album on Google+.

***Disclaimer: I may have received products at no or reduced cost to help facilitate my review. No money exchanged hands and the opinions expressed above are 100% my own.*** 

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