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Pinterest Weekly: Shoe Poms

Life In Texas: Pinterest Weekly: Shoe Poms

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinterest Weekly: Shoe Poms

     Usually, my Pinterest projects come from seeing something cool on Pinterest and wanting to try it out. This week, I went in search of something that I needed to make: shoe poms (which are simply little poms that go on a cheerleader's shoes). I also needed to make matching ponytail holders. I had considered making Pony-Os, but wanted something that matched the poms more. After searching Pinterest, I found several. One can be found here, another here. They're all pretty much the same, but they overestimate the dexterity of these sisters. Somewhere between step one and two, something went amok.

     So, my sister and I sat down and figured out a different way. Our league has the kids wear a lot of pink in October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So, we started with two different pinks and white yarn.

     After much trial and error, we discovered that using forty (40) four inch (4") pieces of yarn would work best for each our our poms. Each cheerleader was going to need four poms. One for each shoe and then two for the ponytail holder (to make it a little bigger). We used tiny ponytail holders (not the plastic disposable ones) and six inches of yarn to make the shoe poms and regular black ponytail holders and 8 inches of yarn to make the pony poms.

All of the materials needed to complete one set
of shoe and pony poms

     Next, we simply tied the 6" pieces of yarn around the small pony tail holders.

     Then, we stacked the 40 pieces of yarn for each pom. We stacked and tied them one at a time. I'd also recommend doing this in a place with no ceiling fan (or turning the fan off). We randomly stacked them so that none of the colors would be clumped together.

Stacking yarm

     The last step to completing the shoe poms is tying the yarn/pony combo around the center. After it's tied, give it a little shake and it should fluff right up. We didn't even need to trim the ends of the center yarn. Repeat for the second shoe pom.

Tied in the center

     The only thing left to do is put them on your shoes. We unlaced the entire shoe and put it on the shoes lace that goes through the very last eyelet. However, you could tie them into the bow if you didn't want to unlace the shoes. 

Poms on the shoes

     Now for the pony pom. It's the same basic principle. However, we aren't going to start by tying the extra yarn to the ponytail holder. First stack your yarn. Then, take the 8" piece of yarn and tie it around the center.

Pony pom tied in the center

     Complete both poms. Once both are complete, use a knot to tie the first one to the ponytail holder. Half knot the second to the ponytail holder. Slide it as close to the first as possible and then complete the knot. You may have to trim the ends of your 8" yarn pieces. After you do that, give the pony pom a shake.

Both poms tied to the ponytail holder

     Now, your pony poms are ready to be worn!

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