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2 weeks worth of updates

Life In Texas: 2 weeks worth of updates

Monday, October 10, 2011

2 weeks worth of updates

     I have more time for an update now. But it's been a crazy 2 weeks.

     Thing 2 is doing great. We have another follow-up on Thursday just to make sure that we're in the clear. Other than that, she's her normal, hyper, daredevil self.

     Scout's grandfather passed away on October 2nd. His services were Oct. 7th (rosary) and 8th (mass). I didn't go to the rosary. I have never been to one. I couldn't say a Hail Mary to save my life (too cheesy?) and (according to Scout) "there is no way that the kids would sit still for an hour and a half of the same thing, over and over again." The mass was beautiful. The girls were awesome. Thing 1 sat and chatted quietly with two of Scout's cousins (they are 12 & 10) and Thing 2 stared at the millions of ceiling fans in that sanctuary. The girls got a little crazy playing at the lunch. But after an hour car ride and a mass and military honors that totaled more than an hour and a half, who can blame them? After 3 hours of sitting, I didn't want to sit anymore

     We also took the girls fishing. They love fishing! Well, let me clarify. They love casting. They love the thrill of catching something and reeling it in. They aren't so excited about the fish themselves. They also love to catch more fish than Daddy.

Thing 1 and one of her fish

Me and Thing 2 with one of her fish
(I made the background blurry so that the other kid's face wouldn't be recognizable)

     Lastly, my baby brother turned 3 on the 8th. It was hard because it was his first birthday since our mom passed away. I'm not going to lie, between the funeral and Little Man's birthday, I spent all day the 8th crying. Luckily, we had his party on the 9th. He was so cute. Any time he opened a present that was in a box, he would say "What's this?!?" We did a Thomas and Friends party, so he also spent a large amount of time saying "Look! Trains!"

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At November 15, 2011 at 9:16 PM , Blogger Alan said...

Hopefully we'll get to go fishing with yous guys soon. Kids would have a blast!


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