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Series of unfortunate events...

Life In Texas: Series of unfortunate events...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Series of unfortunate events...

Gymnastics was just a series of unfortunate events tonight. Thing 1 fell asleep on the way over there and then didn't want to wake up. She finally did and we went inside with just a few minutes to spare. Then, Thing 2 wants to sit with Thing 1 until her class starts. No big deal. What was a big deal, was the ungodly, shrill scream that Thing 2 let out when it was time for Thing 1's class to start and we had to go sit down. I took her outside, where she proceeded to cry for a few minutes. Then, she decided that she was calm and wanted to go back inside. We go in and she's fine. We get almost all the way to our seats when she decides to try a less shrill (but still loud) scream. This time, I just head for the side door. It's much closer to where I was, but it also opens into the parking lot. So, I am holding a temper fit throwing toddler and trying to give her a stern talking while moving away from the door as to not disturb the gymnasts, when a car (that isn't watching where she was going, just like I wasn't watching where I was going), backs into me. No joke. Right into my legs. I guess she looked up right at the last minute and hit the breaks, so I didn't fall and she didn't hit me that hard. But still, I was hit by a car. All of this happens only 15 minutes into a 45 minute class. Thing 2 finally calms down for real, and we make it to our seats. Luckily, the rest of the class passes with Thing 2 only have 2 more minor meltdowns (over wanting to hold a friend's baby). But oh my goodness. During those first 15 minutes, I felt like the class (and the temper fit) was never going to end. At least the 35 minute car ride home there was complete silence. They weren't sleeping, I think that they just sensed that it wouldn't be a good idea to fight in the car.

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